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We've all been there - stuck without keys in a difficult spot. Because we've been...

Your White Rock home is your castle, where safety and security should be a given...

Unlike homes that may only have a few locks here and there, a business in White Rock can present...

High grade locks in White Rock can be expensive, which makes them that much more painful to replace when...

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White Rock Lock & Key values the security of our White Rock clients. That’s why our office and residential locksmithing work always comes with a full guarantee. In addition, we’re happy to provide lock consultation to help you choose the best models on the market.

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Home of White Rock Lock and Key's Tag Back Loss Prevention Program

Here's how it works,

You lose your keys and someone finds them at the dog park or in a pile of leaves:

  • The key tag is White Rock Lock and Key's phone number as well as an ID number exclusive to the individual tag.
  • The finder phones us and gives us the ID number on the tag as well as their contact information.
  • We then go into our database and find out who the keys belong to and phone the owner.
  • The finder's information is then given to the owner of the keys.
  • Now the key's owner can contact the finder of the keys and arrange pick-up.

The advantage of Tag Back is you could get your keys back the same day, preventing expensive auto fob programming and rekeying costs.

*Note* Tag Back tags could also be used on suitcases, clothing, backpacks or any surface the tag could be attached to.


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